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2006 Weinmann Wall Panel System

$479,990.00 $299,990.00

Highly automated wall system driven by wall design software to produce interior/exterior wall panels with 2×4 and 2×6, or 2×8 material from 6’6” to 12’6” in height and up from 3’6”’ to 20’ in length.  System includes rough opening (RO) station, framing station and automated Multi-Stud (sub-component) Nailer.  Operator in-feeds plate material, then manually inserts studs, sub-components, and RO’s which are presented at an ergonomically correct level by pneumatically driven conveyance. The framing station automatically nails all junctions and auto-advances the wall section to the next position; this process is visually cued by the swing-arm display monitor. Junctions are nailed with two, long-stick nail guns that index to horizontal and vertical positions. Assembled frame is auto conveyed to a buffer table and either laterally ejected as an interior wall or proceeds on to the sheathing table station where the frame is squared and sheathing applied.  The sheathed frame is then advanced to nailing-bridge/squaring table, opening router and stud straightening “rabbit” all integrated into a single table, where it is nailed by a CNC Multi-Function 2-gun Bridge (MFB) with tilt-mechanism for seams firing, and variable on center spacing (features Paslode Large-coil nail guns). Frames are also automatically squared, clamped then openings and edges routed at this location as required then advanced via auto-conveyor to an “H” frame pneumatic hoist/lift station. System has many recent upgrades including newer solid-state PC’s, current OEM software, and newer coil-fed nailing tools. This system is operational and currently running production, complete specifications and on-site physical inspection are available. OEM installation and license agreement required for operation.  [NOTE: Additional support equipment is also available including offsite delivery systems, cutting equipment, custom build stations for rake walls, etc.]

Watch the system running here: https://youtu.be/be6MjnsWQ6s

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