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2006 Alpine AutoMill SC Component Saw



2006 Alpine AutoMill SC, model 348B, five-blade component saw.  Servo controlled computerized saw sets up in 2 to 19 seconds and downloads from a network or by using a touch screen for ease of operation.  Five-head automated component saw works in both automated (downloading files) and semi-automated control via touch-screen input. It has 23 axes of automated movement, enhanced diagnostics, and auto management reporting.  The SC cuts from 9″ 90/90 blocks to 2′-6″ to 20′-0″ long angled material, in sizes ranging from 2×3″ through 2×12″, and 4-angle floor webs from 3′-4″.  Includes [3] 18″, [1] 20″ and [1] 32″ blades with air brakes, under-saw shaker conveyor and a scrap incline conveyor.  Includes owner’s manual, all available spare blades and all available spare parts.  480v/ 60Hz/ 3 phase electrical required.

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