2005 MiTek SmartSet Pro 5-Blade Component Saw



2005 MiTek SmartSet Pro 5-blade component saw with 2×16”, 2×20”, 1×32” blades, swing-arm central control system with rugged industrial touchscreen for simple input of cutting data including cutting angles, centerline, length, etc.  Includes belt waste conveyor, scrap incline, and dust-hoods, cuts from 11″@ 90/90, 45º four angle webs from 16″, 2×3 through 2×12 up to 20′, Maximum scarf cut 29″ w/32″ blade. Includes a spare set of blades.  230/460v, 3-Ph, 152.1 full-load Amps / 77.2 Amps for controls required. 

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