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2005 Hundegger SC1 Linear Saw



2005 Hundegger model SC1 linear saw, roof truss cutting functions including angle drive unit, bevel drive unit with auto-loading conveyor system, auto-discharge. 20′ timber-capable infeed and outfeed, electronic controls and operator console, hydraulic unit, automated clamping system, 16-nozzle inkjet face printing on two 1 1/2′′ edges (upgraded in 2015), vertical end-mill READY option. 15 KW (20 HP) saw motor with a 25″ blade will cut any length lumber from 3′-6″ to 24′-0″, widths from 1.5″ to 17.75″  Up to 4-board stacked cutting of dimensional 2×4.  Includes small part discharge and incline scrap conveyor.  Windows XP operating system (upgrade available from OEM). OEM installation required for successful startup at buyer’s location, OEM shipping prep at seller’s location recommended.  Spare blade and any available spare parts included.  480 volt, 3 phase, 63 Amp saw electrical required, 120 volt, 1 phase, 20 Amp computer electrical supply required. 130 PSI at 27 CFM air required.

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