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2003 Monet DeSawyer 2000 Component Saw


2003 Monet DeSawyer 2000 automated 5 blade component saw cuts maximum 20′ 2×10 (2×12 maximum if hold downs are moved and re-bolted) lumber with minimum 5° and maximum 144° angles. Shortest 90/90 cut is 16″ and shortest four-angle cut is 2′. Includes digital single side setup on touch screen display, scrap incline conveyor, air brakes, user manual with calibration instructions, and all available spare parts and blades (pictured).

Incline conveyor needs repair. Infeed hold downs need to be replaced. PLC and touch screen may need to be replaced.  440 Volt, 3 phase electrical required. Phone and on-site support available direct from Monet DeSauw Inc. at additional cost.

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