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1998 Alpine WebPro 4×2 Floor Web Saw


1998 Alpine WebPro 4×2, model WebPro FW442, Six-blade floor truss web saw with (2) x 16″ cutoff blades & (4) x 14″ fixed-quadrant blades.  Cuts minimum length 9.5″/maximum 46″ angled floor truss webs, square cuts from 6″ to 42″, up to 40 boards per minute. The WebPro was especially designed by Alpine Equipment for floor truss web cutting.  Saw blades are arranged so that blades 1 and 2 are mounted at 90 degree complements, as are blades 3 and 4. Rapid loading of conveyor is both convenient and easy, allowing a production rate of up to 40 pieces per minute. All operation controls are highly visible and grouped by function.  Includes under-saw waste conveyor.  480v, 3ph, 24.3 Amp electrical required.

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