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1996 CMF Floor Truss Machine



1996 CMF Floor Truss Machine – Gantry style, 24″ dia. roller, builds trusses from 12″ to 24″ depth and up to 38′ in length, built-in camber (3/4″ over 38′), side-eject, air clamping, dual park, production area 6’x 38’ (49’ OAL with park areas) 85lb.crane rail, 240/480v, 3 phase, with dual-safety bars. Floor Truss Final Roller – Completed truss feeds via 10 conveyor rollers (4 powered/6 idle) to a 18″dia X 4’W final roller with dual safety bars and forward or reverse operation.  Final roller  fully embeds connector plates on both sides and transfers the completed truss to powered exterior conveyor rollers into an automated CMF Double-Side Floor Truss Stacker – featuring all powered (forward and reverse) conveyor rollers and 4 stacking arms on each side to stack floor trusses from 10′ to 38′, that activate in manual or auto mode with adjustable target activation.  System stacks on both (opposite) sides to allow for continuous production while banding different jobs. 480v/3Ph, requires concrete pads for stacker (layout included).

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